Teacher Development

The Lindisfarne House program at St. Andrew’s Church & Academy is pleased to be the hub of the Teacher development program of The Society of St. Bede (of the Anglican School Association).

The first teachers are already enrolled and have already completed some of the work.  Join them in their discovery of the joys and struggles of teaching!  More information about the year long program at the bottom.

Summer 2015 Teacher Development Seminar

Where:  St. Andrew’s Church & Academy, Lake Almanor, California

When:  July 6-9

Who:  Master Teachers will be leading the discussions and doing the training.  Father Brian and Mrs. Kathleen Foos, founders of St. Andrew’s Academy, will be the lead instructors for this summer’s Seminar.  Kathleen has taught at all levels of K-12, and has for a number of years consistently taught middle school formal logic and basic and remedial phonics to grammar school students.  Father Brian is a humanities teacher (literature, composition, history, music, philosophy) who has taught students from upper grammar through middle and high school to college and adult. He is the headmaster of St. Andrew’s Academy and the Vicar of St. Andrew’s Church.

What:  The intensive time of study and discussion will cover a number of general and specific subject areas. The time of fellowship and discussion over meals and relaxation on the water at Lake Almanor provides the participants plenty of time to continue to work out the subjects under discussion in the formal classroom environment, and also a chance to raise many other related questions and concerns.

The specific subject areas available this year are:

  • The Basics of Being A Christian Teacher
  • Classical and Christian Philosophy & Pedagogy
  • Classical Literature
  • Open Court Phonics Curriculum Training

Cost:  $500 covers seminar, housing, basic breakfasts and lunches.

Email  Father Brian Foos at admin@standrewsalmanor.org to sign up for seminar week.