The Mona Lisa Italian Restaurant

The next day, we headed to the Golden Gate Bridge and the wind was almost strong enough to hold me up when I leaned into it. I loved it and didn’t want to wear a jacket. I felt wild and free. We toured the Presidio and stopped at a couple of museums there before heading to Grace Cathedral. Father Foos asked if we could sing there, and they let us into one of the chapels and we sang. You can hear us here.
 I wish we could have stayed there longer,
but we had to hurry off to a fantastic feast at the Mona Lisa in little Italy. Our dinner was superb and we all ate till we were stuffed—truly, a picture of the Great Feast. We sang twice for everyone at the restaurant and the owner gave us a free bottle of wine and a dessert of tiramisu.


St. John’s Anglican Church, Orinda

Sunday, we drove to Orinda and sang Matins at St. John’s Anglican Church which meets in a Catholic chapel. The acoustics were wonderful and we sounded really good. Afterwards, we had lunch in an artist’s studio. There was lots of food and good company. The lady of the house is a published artist and I really enjoyed seeing her works and hearing what inspired her.  After lunch, we toured St. Mary’s Catholic College in Moraga. It has a beautiful campus and we looked in the lovely chapel.

Next, we were headed back to Los Altos to hear Mozart’s Requiem performed by a real professional, auditioned choir. It was the first time I have ever heard singing of that quality. We were all delighted. The concert also included “Toward the Unknown Region” by Ralph Vaughan Williams, set to poetry by Walt Whitman, and Beethoven’s overture to “The Creatures of Prometheus” which I had never heard before. Vaughan Williams is one of my all time favorites.

We hit In and Out Burger for dinner, and I couldn’t help thinking how different dinner there was to dinner at the Mona Lisa, but it had it’s own charm and it was good, solid, cheap food. Honestly, I can’t figure out why places like McDonald’s even exist where there is an In and Out about.

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