Monday, March 14th, was actually partly sunny, and we had breakfast before we packed up our camp and headed to the city for our final adventure.

Coit Tower in the Background

Coit Tower in the Background

It was Pi day, you know March 14th or 3.14 for all the math nerds out there, which meant there was free admission at the Exploratorium. We got dropped off there as the drivers searched for parking. The students had a great time playing with all the interactive displays of science. There were ones based on gravity, electricity, light, engines, and on and on. I spent most of my time counting children to make sure we didn’t lose one in the crowd.


Walking to Ghirardelli Square

Next, we walked to Ghirardelli Square, passing by the famous Pier 39, Fisherman’s Wharf, a couple of guys break dancing surrounded by a crowd, and some street artists selling spray painted paintings. At the famous chocolate factory, we ate chocolate and ice creams, and I had sorbet, as I’m still trying to avoid dairy. I did a bit of shopping in the square, and bought a tiny metal model of a cable car. Then, we walked to Lombardi Street, the crookedest street in the city. We were dropped off at the top, and walked down the stairs to be picked up at the bottom. That was the end of our trip. We met up with some parents to transfer children who were spending the rest of Spring Break with their family on other adventures. Then, we tried to get the heck out of the city before rush hour, but ended up going right through Market St., and the really busy business district before finally getting on the Bay Bridge, and on our way out. The drive home was good—sparkling sunshine, green hills, and farms. Truly, there is nothing quite like Northern California in a wet spring. We stopped for dinner in Chico, and headed back up the mountain, the wanderers returning home, their mission completed.

Our next great adventure will be going to England this summer, and we are busily doing fundraisers to earn money for it.


Support Lindisfarne House

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To fund my 15 month internship, I need some help from family and friends. I am technically a Domestic Missionary and need money for living expenses, health care (I’m signing up for Samaritan Ministries, $2,900), and for the trip to England($1,000). In total, around $5,000 more than I have. I know some of you are as poor as I am, and have nothing to offer financially, but your prayers are very welcome! As for those interested in contributing either a one time donation or a monthly one (I’m needing about $340 a month), please make checks out to St. Andrews Academy(not to me) and put in the memo Lindisfarne House Program and mail to P. O. Box 3050, Chester, CA 96020. Your donations will be tax deductible and will go to paying my expenses as I am currently the only intern in the program. Thank you for your interest and prayers!

Contact me:

Mail: P.o. Box 3050, Chester,CA 96020

Phone: 530-596-3343


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