First Sunday Singing in Choir

So, I’m official now! I’ve got my cassock and my surplice and I’m singing alto. This Sunday we sang one hymn to the same Bach tune as Sacred Head Now Wounded which is from St. Matthew’s passion and Tallis’s If You Love Me. Such beautiful music!

We have choir class each day at St. Andrews and we sing at morning and evening prayers besides at church each Sunday. All this singing means I’m really improving and learning to harmonize, which has been a long time dream for me.

There are even small kneeler cushions for the choir members to kneel on during the service. Being in choir gives you a different perspective on the church service. I’ve been noticing so many things the worshipers don’t see that go on behind the scenes which only the choir sees at all.

Also, I’m learning how to get the altar ready for worship each Sunday and which fabric coverings go where. There is the chalice, wafers of bread, and two cruets, one of water and one of wine and many other things which I’m trying to remember.

Fencing Class

So far, I’ve been enjoying fencing class. It’s been hard because we are always squatting and I’m out of shape. I’m learning to move quickly back and forth with knees bent and how to lunge. There are different ways to block when your opponent tries to hit you with his blade and there aemma.jessica.fencingre ways to advance and try to hit him back. It’s all very set and limited,
and yet there are endless combinations of these moves which can be used in the actual fencing match. I haven’t learned enough yet to be allowed to use a blade, or foil as they are called. Each lesson, mostly footwork so far, but I enjoy it.

The Boarding House

1907975_492610077534857_3889983855808665026_nThe girls on either end of this photo are boarding students who live with me in the Boarding House. Abby is from L.A. and Jessica is from China.

Besides these two teenagers, I also live with a single mom and her two little girls, and in a separate portion of the boarding house, live the guys—
one teenaged boy and two men who who were interns previously and now are staff at St. Andrews.

Most of us eat breakfast together everyday and I am now the official weekday breakfast cook. We pack lunches each day to have at school and then dinners are held at Father Foos’s house weeknights. This makes for a good routine. Right now, we are in Lent and are trying to stick to a pretty strict fasting schedule similar to what the Orthodox do for Lent, but we break the fast on Sundays and eat whatever we like. With my already limiting diet, this had been a real challenge for me.

Besides making breakfast, I’ve been making fresh bread for the house once a week. I’m out of practice making wheat bread since I have been gluten free for over two years, but I will be back in shape soon!

Office Work

This is the beginning of my third week as office manager at St. Andrew’s Academy and so far I’m liking the work. I’ve been working hard to learn everything and help get things all caught up again. Each day, I learn something new and use a skill I already had. Today, I learned how to grade papers and was able to “comb bind” some reports when asked spur of the moment. I had no idea that all those hours I spent copying and binding books would help me one day with my office work. You really never do know what you are being prepared for. So far, there hasn’t been anything thrown at me that I couldn’t handle. It really seems a good fit.

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