At St. Andrew’s, Holy Week is a very busy time. Besides our usual morning chapel prayer service, we have an evening mass every night. That means a total of 13 services in a week. That is a lot of church! But what better way to spend my time than in worshiping God? I was tired, but enjoyed it. There was no school Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Monday, but staff was till busy those days, not just with the usual work, but Good Friday was our big pie making day. We all baked 38 pies, and then Saturday, we opened up the school for people to pick up the pies and other homemade things, such as jams, salsa, candles and bags of our own speciality roast coffee beans.  The bake sale is part of our fundraising efforts for our trip to England this summer. So, Holy Week and a bake sale made this Easter a challenge for all of us, but we survived and it was good.2016-03-27-01

My brother Joel came to visit Saturday night, and stayed till Monday morning. I really enjoyed having him around, as we haven’t spent much time together the last few years. He’s been attending an Anglican church where he lives in Visalia, so we both have a new denomination in common now.

The Saturday night vigil service was especially beautiful. It started in darkness with everyone holding candles and the priest chanting. Then, we walked outside with our candles into the street, and the doors were closed, and when we walk back in, the lights were all on. We could now see the altar brilliantly decorated for Easter, and all the Lenten coverings taken away. We got splashed with Holy water, and then, we had the first Easter Mass with great joy, followed by champagne and snacks to celebrate the Lenten Fast being over. Of course, there was much more to the service, but I don’t remember it in great detail or know the names for everything yet.

Easter Sunday Mass was followed by a lovely brunch, and that afternoon, we all went over to Father Foos’s house for a big Easter dinner. Everyone brought something, and it was quite the spread with over thirty people. I made a fancy cake to bring, and Joel brought lamb.
We got to spend some time with the Lange’s that afternoon, and Dr. Lange started showing me how to parallel park using a toy car. I’m glad to learn the theory behind parking before actually trying it with a car.2016-03-27-02

Lent was long and hard, but worth every moment of it for the glory of Easter. I loved how silly the choir got right before the service Holy Saturday. I think we were all punchy from lack of sleep, lack of meat, and being excited. It was marvelous! I’m really looking forward to Holy Week next year, and hope to prepare better with a solid menu plan for Lent.

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