13321736_1161603500557548_1453634321009205025_nMay 22nd, Trinity Sunday, I took my vows and became a nun for a year. My life isn’t really any different now than it has been since I arrived here at St. Andrew’s. The difference is now I’m “bonified!” Now, I’ve committed to this life for a year and I have vowed to “stability of place and community, conversion of character, poverty, chastity, and obedience,” and “commit myself to Prayer, Study and Work for the glory of God and the edification of His Church.”

It isn’t as strict as the original vows which the Benedictines take. For instance, I get to travel with the school on trips, and I can leave for weddings, funerals, and family emergencies. As for poverty, well, I was pretty poor before I came here, so no difference there really! Chastity just means no dating–ha, no change their either! And as for conversion of character and obedience, well those are things I want to learn. So, all in all, it means to me that I get to grow closer to God and help people, which is what I like to do, but now I have help. Not really the picture of oppression or signing my life away as people often associate with the term nun. Oh, and I get to wear this cool habit, and have people ask me questions, and stare at me, which is always fun.

One very important part of my job is being a barista. I’ve been taking over this job from another staff member and former intern who is heading off at the end of the school year. Each morning, I make a drink for whichever staff members want one using our fancy espresso machine. Good thing I learned how to use an espresso machine at the Nuart Theater while I lived in Moscow, Idaho! Lately, I’ve been working on my latte art and actually succeeded today in making a leaf which looked more like a feather, but it made my day.


All Souls, St. Ives, Cambridgeshire, England

Fundraising and planning for the England trip is going well. We have found housing for the whole trip and will be staying in churches at some amazing places including St. Ives, Canterbury, and Bath. Now we are just working out the details of where we will sing and what sites to visit. We have all of the money raised! Everyone has backpacks, and sleeping bags, and we are getting all the other things in order that we are taking. We will be sleeping on floors, washing our clothes by hand, taking sponge baths for most of the trip, and carrying all our stuff on our backs as we walk around. So, pretty rough, but I’m sure there are advantages to that.

Follow us on our journey at St. Andrew’s Academy on Facebook. We will try to post daily updates as to where we are with photos. I will tell you all about the trip when I get back. Please pray for our safety and a smooth trip!

Help Fund Lindisfarne House

mollie pictTo fund the next 12 months of my internship, I need more help from family and friends. I am technically a Domestic Missionary and need money for living expenses, health care (I signed up for Samaritan Ministries, $2,500). In total, around $3,500 more than I have. I know some of you are as poor as I am, and have nothing to offer financially, but your prayers are very welcome! As for those interested in contributing either a one time donation or a monthly one (I’m needing about $290 a month), please make checks out to St. Andrews Academy(not to me) and put in the memo Lindisfarne House Program and mail to P. O. Box 3050, Chester, CA 96020. Your donations will be tax deductible and will go to paying my expenses as I am currently the only intern in the program. Thank you for your interest and prayers!


Contact me:

Mail: P.o. Box 3050, Chester,CA 96020

Phone: 530-596-3343

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