This June, we are packing our bags and heading to England for two weeks of learning and singing. I’m really excited about this trip, as I’ve always loved English culture and grew up watching, listening, and reading English books, movies, and T.V. shows. To learn more about England trip, see our video, and learn how to contribute, click here.pie sale

To earn money for our trip, we at St. Andrew’s have been working hard throwing fundraisers. While I’ve been here, we had an Easter pie sale, and are planning a Mother’s Day one. We go around town passing out fliers, and taking orders, and then we all make the pies in groups with students and staff helping. Lastly, we open up the school for pie pick up, and also have coffee, candles, jams, salsa, and many other homemade items available, all made by staff members. I really enjoyed the first pie sale I was part of, and was surprised how well it went. People kept telling us how much they liked our pies and we have regular customers who look forward to more pies.Yard-work-flyer-600x776


The other
large fundraiser is yard work. Again, we went around town, put up fliers, and waited for phone calls, and they came! We have worked every weekend since we got back from our San Francisco trip at least two jobs, and sometimes, three. I love yard work, and because it’s so beautiful around here, it has been a pleasure to get out there and work. Since there are so many great big trees all over this area dropping pine needles constantly, we mostly rake pine needles—lots and lots of pine needles. The students really have worked hard for their money, and are getting stronger.

Here is Noah Bartel (Boarding House Student) with his hand dipped birthday candles from St. Andrew's.

Here is Noah Bartel (Boarding House Student) with his hand dipped birthday candles from St. Andrew’s Candle Store.



St. Andrew’s also just launched a candle store. We’ve been making candles for a while now, but with a website, it’s much easier for people from all over the country to buy our candles. Two of our staff members work in the candle shop, and make the candles. We sell many sizes, colors and shapes. The work shop always smells of beeswax and I like watching them at work. I first learned how to hand dip candles at the mission in Sonoma when I was in fifth grade, and ever since then, I’ve loved candle making. Perhaps, I will get to learn how to make some of the candles for the shop. To browse our store, click here. We only sell 100% beeswax!

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