Back to School

Back to School

Wednesday, September 14th, St. Andrew’s Academy started up again. I worked hard all summer–when I wasn’t in England, that is–to get things caught up and ready at the office, and I mostly succeeded. Only a few projects I didn’t get to. I’m plan to post regularly now and keep you all up to date on my life here.


Monastery of St. John, Manton, Ca.

Summers in Chester are long and hot, and beautiful. We tried to spend most afternoons on the lake, and I got a tan, went swimming, kayaking, and attempted to knee board. I watched lots of movies and Dr. Who. Two of my good friends visited me for a few days in August, and I really enjoyed our time together. We drove to the local Eastern Orthodox monastery and loved it. The monks have a much larger candle making shop than ours, and we bought some treasures at their nice little gift shop. But my favorite part of the monastery was the lovely church, where we prayed in silence, simply enjoying the calm and beauty.
Also in August, the we had choir camp. Several of the out of town students stayed at the boarding house and I cooked breakfasts for everyone. We had a week of musical instruction from Jeff and Anna Cooper, who improved all of our singing, despite the interruptions of their charming little curly blond haired toddler Elizabeth. There were campers from Washington State, other parts of California, and Texas.


Abby Bartel and I sitting on the dock.

Even though I enjoyed summer, I’m glad to get back into the swing of things with regular hours and routine.


Choir Camp Evensong

The mornings are chilly now and we shiver at morning chapel, but the afternoons are still toasty warm. The apple tree in the back yard has been producing a bumper crop, and I’ve been making lots of apple sauce and other apple things, and storing them away for the winter. Seasons here are very similar to where I lived in Idaho, so the adjustment hasn’t been hard.

There are fewer students this year than last, but small numbers means even more¬†careful attention can be given to each student. I’m a true believer that small is beautiful, especially in education. This year, I’m looking forward to getting to know all the students better, and seeing them grow both academically and spiritually; the regular rhythm of the days, measure out by prayer, is the foundation for a greater harmony.